Welcome to The Sahara Tent. You can leave your textbooks and conference calls at the door.

What is The Sahara Tent?

Want to stay on top of the hottest music happening right now? How about get to know what upcoming artists are really like? You've come to the right place. Here at The Sahara Tent we keep you keyed into the best upcoming music with our #🔥🔥 playlist and event calendars for SF, LA, and SD, as well as connect you with the latest upcoming producers on 60 Questions. We want to give you a perspective that other websites don't- hearing that next big track, getting to know that next big artist personally, then buying tickets to their next show!

What Do We Believe In?

  1. We believe in only sharing music we truly love- if we don’t think it’s rad, we won’t post it.
  2. We believe that having songs stuck in your head is a good thing.
  3. We believe that you can get a good sense of someone's vibe in 60 questions.
  4. We believe in building a fucking awesome music website and community.

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Think you've got some #🔥🔥 and want it to be featured on The Sahara Tent? Hit us up with what you got! If we like what we hear/see, it'll be up in no time. 

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